The Sleet Has Begun

After almost 3 inches of rain, the temperature has cooled to where the precipitation is now falling as sleet. Please be cautious and stay safe. The Road Crew needs your vehicle to be parked in your garage, your driveway, your neighbor’s driveway – just not on the street or the side of the road.   Thank you.

Road Conditions Update

After hours of rain, hours of sleet, and then many hours of snow, Raintree’s road conditions are difficult.  Our road crew has been working 12-hour shifts.  Unfortunately, one of the maintenance trucks is in a ditch until we can get a tow truck here.  The crew is sleeping on air mattresses at the POA building […]

Inclement Weather – Action Needed

Weather reports predict severe weather Wednesday and Thursday.  Snow in the forecast means that Raintree’s Road Crew will be working our 39 miles of roads to keep them safe and passable.  It’s hard work, and they are already tired from their normal work day. Especially for these occasions, find somewhere else to park besides anywhere […]

Road Conditions

The Raintree Maintenance Team has been pre-treating our roads today in hopes of minimizing the potential for slick roads tonight and tomorrow.  We’ve had .88 of an inch of rain so far today, much of it as a drizzle, so there will probably be places on our hills where the road treatment washed away.  Meanwhile, the temperature […]

List of Road Work Starting Friday, 5/7

Following is a list of the roads that will be worked on by our contractor, West Paving.  We have been alerted that they will begin the work this Friday, but we don’t know what order or timing will apply to each.   Most of these areas were reported by Property Owners.  Timing of the work is […]

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