Winter Weather – Ice Forecast

The weather forecast tomorrow is for early rain with freezing temperatures.  This combination will likely result in icy road conditions.

Raintree’s Maintenance staff will be treating the roads in advance of the incoming weather.  They will complete this as close to the incoming weather as possible.  Hopefully, this will hold through the rain before the freezing begins.  Once the roads begin to ice over the team will not be able to continue to treat the roads.

As a reminder, no roadside parking is allowed in a winter weather event.  Please make sure anything you have parked roadside is moved to a safe location.  

Based on the current weather forecast, the icy conditions could continue into Tuesday morning.  Hopefully the temperatures will remain above freezing Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning.  Please use caution if you must travel!  Go slow and be safe Raintree.

Winter Weather – Ice Forecast
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