Meet Our Board of Directors

Maintaining the business and amenities of Raintree is no easy task.  The 2021-2022 Board Officers and Directors below volunteer their time daily to maintain the directives of the Covenants.  See the Committees pages for more definitions of role.  Board members serve terms based on Annual Election results each September.

Originally from St. Louis. Dave and his wife, Pam, have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. They bought their property in 2016 and moved in 2017. Dave works full time in IT and also owns a successful Pool & Spa company! What he loves most about Raintree is "the opportunity to get involved and meet people."

Dave Wooldridge

Born and raised in Michigan, Nick attended Ferris State University and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Survey Engineering (dual accredited for Land Surveying and Civil Engineering). He and his wife Emily moved to Raintree in August of 2021 with their 2 baby boys and fell in love with the lake, atmosphere of positivity and resort-like living!

Nicholas King
Vice President

Born in Emmetsburg, IA where she was raised to do all the work farm kids had to do back then. She even had a side job breaking horses before she was 12! Deb has 1 daughter. She and her husband Francis moved into their house in 2002. She was recruited to the HOA Board on which she served for 12 ½ years before joining the POA Board. Deb loves the wonderful people in Raintree who support and celebrate each other.

Deb Enderson

John and his wife Jan moved to Raintree in 2020 from Chicago. We loved the vacation lifestyle here! After 35 years with ADP, John is semi-retired. You may see him in the pro shop or mowing the fairways at Raintree Golf Club. He has many years of volunteering with United Way and youth hockey.

John Willett

Keith has been a Raintree resident for 4 years. He & wife, Sue, grew up in Afton and graduated from Bayless High School. They have been married 36 years with 2 grown children. Keith is facilities director for a nursing home and Sue works in Agricultural lending. When they have free time they like to travel, garden, spend time at the beach or just take a golf cart ride. If you see them at the beach or driving by in the cart, please stop and visit.

Keith Bohnenkamper

Adam grew up in Colorado and New Mexico, he went to a military high school and enlisted at the age of 17! He and his wife, Brandi, moved here in 2017, and have 2 young sons. Adam travels extensively for work, and loves being home because he believes "Raintree gives the best of everything: awesome views, pleasant fishing, and great neighbors." He knows Raintree will flourish once we unite and focus on improving our quality of life here.

Adam Crites

Tim is married with 5 grown children and 3 Grandchildren - with another one on the way. He relocated often between Chicago, Illinois and House Springs and is a 1993 graduate of Northwest High School. Tim is an Owner/Agent Real Estate Agent for Fulkerson Realty Group. He has over 30 years of Experience ranging from Retail, Food, Catering and Sanitation Industries. He is looking forward to helping bring our community together as one.

Tim Fulkerson

Desiree Rodriguez

Denny grew up in St. Louis and has been married to Dottie for 53 years. He spent 27 years in management with the postal service, and bought property in Raintree in 1988. He and Dottie built their house on Spring Lake and moved here in 2011. He previously served 4 years on the POA Board. Denny loves to fish and also to attend his grandchildren's various events.

Dennis Schwantner

The Story of Raintree

Raintree is a beautiful gated lake community located in the rolling hills of Jefferson County, Missouri. Four lakes – Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter – lie within the gates., offering a variety of water sports, fishing, lake cruising, and floating. Most of the governance and operations of Raintree are performed by a 9-person elected Board of Directors and a number of committees – all volunteers.

Raintree was the concept of developers Norville and Kenneth McClain of Essex Contracting, Inc. and Jeremiah Nixon, an attorney.  The purchase of the first 825 acres for what was to become Raintree was completed in 1977.  In 1981 an additional 316.5 acres were purchased to become Raintree Forest, which was configured in 1- to 3-acre tracts.  Then in 1987 more than 300 additional acres were purchased which allowed the addition of Spring, Summer, and Winter Lakes.

The dam forming Autumn Lake was the first in Missouri built to new, rigid standards enacted by the State.  Raintree lakes are nestled at the bottom of hills throughout the development resulting in Autumn Lake having a watershed ratio of at least 11:1, which translates to 11 acres draining rain and snow melt into the lake for every 1 acre of the lake.  Water will always flow downhill.

The first Board of Directors to oversee the business of Raintree was appointed by the Developers in September 1981. Starting in 1982 there were elections held to replace or re-elect Board members.  In late 1983 the POA became incorporated.  Raintree roads and amenities were turned over to the POA in late 1984 by the Developers, who still maintained ownership of the Country Club, Golf Course, Tennis Court, and Central Utilities.  Eventually those were all sold to private investors, and although the POA/Property Owners had the opportunity to purchase them, choices were made not to take on the opportunities and responsibilities.  Covenants tie the Country Club to Raintree, although it is privately owned, and many enjoy the beautiful pool and 18-hole golf course.

Raintree now consists of approximately 1,800 acres, within which 3,162 building lots were structured, 39 miles of road, 4 lakes, 2 boat launch ramps, 20 campsites, a swimming beach, a picnic pavilion, a maintenance garage, and the Property Owners building.  Gates at each entrance are intended to provide privacy and prevent our amenities from being open to the public.  Nearly 900 custom homes are built throughout the community, many on multiple lots, with room for many, many more to build and become part of this beautiful lake community. 

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