The purpose of the ACC is to approve and oversee all structural changes in Raintree based on the ACC Rules Manual.


The Communications Committee was created to support the Board by distributing current timely information through various mediums to keep Raintree Property Owners up to date on opportunities, announcements, and general information.


The Raintree Events Committee was created to support the Board by conducting and attending events sponsored by the POA.


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to work with Committee Chairs to create budgets and manage expenditures.


The Golf Cart Committee is responsible for inspection of golf carts requesting a sticker for use in Raintree.


The L&B Committee manages the compliance with boat and trailer stickers, boater behavior, lake water treatment, the introduction of fish into Raintree lakes, and a multitude of other lake and beach functions, often teaming with Rules and Security.


Raintree's paid Maintenance Crew maintains common grounds, assists committees like Roads and Security to keep Raintree's property in good operation, handles all winter weather road care, and does general maintenance of Raintree assets.


Raintree's 39 miles of roads are maintained out of the annual subdivision budget and are our highest expense. Speed limits and attention to driving protect our streets as well as our residents.


Raintree Property Owners expect their neighbors to comply with Rules for the good of everyone's property values and enjoyment of our community. Rules were created from Covenants, often fleshing out vagueness and lack of detail.


The Security Committee supports the POA Board by overseeing the functionality of the three sets of entry/exit gates and the systems required to operate them.  The committee also manages the video camera systems at the gates and select locations around Raintree.   

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