Lakes and Beaches Committee


Kent Campbell, Chairperson
Desiree Rodriguez, Co-Chairperson

Mike Jordan
Brian Fink
Tim Presti
Tom Selm
Frank Sophie
Aaron Cizek
Lisa Rue
Jim Guthrie

Kayla Williams
Glenn Douglas
Mark Hopkins
Kent Jarus
Desiree Rodriguez
Mark Winchester
Nikki Mitchell-Fulkerson

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage the compliance with boat and trailer stickers and boater behavior.
  • Oversee lake water treatment.
  • Manage the introduction of fish into Raintree lakes.

Email the Lakes and Beaches Committee!

Click the button to email the Chair of the Lakes and Beaches Committee and the President of the Board.

The Lakes and Beaches Committee manages the registration process to obtain the required annual boat and trailer stickers, boater behavior, lake water treatment, the introduction of fish into Raintree lakes, and a multitude of other lake and beach functions, often teaming with Rules and Security. See Rules for Boating, Beach, and Fishing below.

Lakes and Beaches Committee meetings are announced as needed.

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