Architectural Control Committee


Nick King, Chairperson
Open, Co-Chairperson

Kurt Locke
David Getty
Rick Dains

Jim Wallis
Kent Jarus

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate and provide approval decisions on proposed plans submitted by property owners for any structural improvements or additions.
  • Ensure architectural compliance by collecting bond money and monitoring current construction. 
  • Report information to the Board of Directors, including common guidelines, property owner questions or concerns, and proposed rule changes.

Email the Architectural Control Committee!

Click the button to email the Chair and Co-Chair of the Architectural Control Committee.

The purpose of the ACC is to approve and oversee all structural changes in Raintree based on the ACC Rules Manual.  Owners are required to provide plans and documentation before beginning any building, modifications, or assembly of any structure in Raintree.

As of January 2021 – Email chains for each project have replaced meetings and serve as documentation of the approval process.

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