Events Oversight

Events Oversight Committee

Update on POA Insurance and New Requirements for POA Common Grounds

Recently the POA insurance provider notified the Board that some of our practices for event vendors place Raintree in a position where our insurance would not cover Raintree and the Raintree owners would potentially be liable for any damages.   Obviously, this cannot happen and as a Raintree owner, why would you accept that? Yesterday afternoon, […]

POA Events

Last year, Raintree Events and Adventures, a community group of volunteers, began hosting events for Raintree Owners to enjoy and create lasting bonds.  The events had incredible turnouts and were executed in a manner that resulted in rave reviews. In the past the POA has hosted or co-hosted events such as the Volunteer Parade, Raintree […]

Yard Sale Registration Reminder

Today is the last day to register with the POA for your Yard Sale. The $10 cost gets your sale on the map that will be handed out at the gate to hundreds of bargain seekers. Take your $10 in cash or check to the POA office today. Thank you.

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