Legal Reference

Prior Legal Documents for reference

Current Legal Documents

Proposed Settlement Agreement 20200601 PROPOSED SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT Order Preliminary Approving Settlement ORDER PRELIMINARILY APPROVING SETTLEMENT Court Ordered Legal Notice of Class Action Court Ordered Legal Notice of Class Action Intervenor’s Petition Intervenor Petition Plaintiff’s Amended Petition (2018 4-17 document) 2018 4-17 First Amended Petition Rauls Order & Judgment Final RAULS – ORDER+AND+JUDGMENT_FINAL Staloch Petition STALOCH-PETITION […]

Legal Settlement (Black Hole)

Legal Settlement The POA Board announces settlement of the Black Hole lawsuit that has been costing us all ongoing legal fees. Black Hole was an entity created in early 2015 as a result of legal advice from the POA’s previous attorney.  Lots had been accepted by the POA (which is no longer permitted) for resale.  […]

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