Raintree Country Club

Because the Country Club is not a POA asset, memberships are billed and handled by the Country Club owners.  Beginning in mid-2022 all lot owners are required to pay annual membership dues to the Country Club in addition to annual assessments to the POA. As detailed in the Settlement Agreement (Click this link to see […]

Elections in Raintree

Any change in Covenants or By-Laws requires a vote by Property Owners.  The nine Board members serve 3-year terms and are elected to the Board by Property Owners.  To run for the Board, a Property Owner (either a home or lot owner) must be current on all Assessments/Censures and must submit a brief introduction (75 […]

Want to Buy or Sell Raintree Lots

Because of rights to amenities, Raintree lots carry value, but it can be hard for buyers and sellers to find each other. The RaintreePOA.net website has added a page where lot owners interested in selling their lot(s) can list them for review by prospective buyers. Use of this posting is available at no cost, whether […]

Meeting People in Raintree

There are a number of organizations within Raintree focused on bringing people together for the purpose of fun and socialization. The oldest and most popular of these is the Home Owners Association (HOA) which meets and plans monthly events for members. Contact the HOA to join and open up a new world of neighbors and […]


Raintree Property Owners expect the community to be well maintained and compliant with Covenants and By-Laws. The Board and Committees are charged with responding to every complaint about breaches of compliance. Censures apply in many cases, as you can see in the Rules manual. Property Owners are advised to review the Rules manual to avoid […]

Management of Raintree

The Raintree By-Laws and Covenants establish an elected 9-person Board of Directors whose task is to manage the subdivision based on the Covenants and needs of the community. Committees of other volunteers and Chaired by Board members focus on specific needs such as Roads, Security, Rules, Architectural Control, Communications, Golf Carts, Lakes and Beaches, Community […]

Office Access

The POA office is open and staffed on this schedule: Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm The first and last Saturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm If you need to drop off payments or documentation, you can deposit them in the night deposit box behind the office in […]


The campgrounds and pavilion may be rented only by Property Owners. You must be in good standing to rent either (no overdue assessment or censure amounts due to the POA.) To rent a campsite, select the campsite you prefer, and fill out the Campground Agreement form at the POA office. The Campground is $15 a […]

Golf, Vehicle, Boat Stickers

Each vehicle you use in Raintree should have a sticker to show you are an owner. New vehicle windshield stickers should be immediately affixed to the lower driver side of your windshield. Color of the sticker changes annually to show you are a current owner and have the right to park on Raintree property. Vehicle […]

Gate Cards/Security

Raintree is a gated community. New Property Owners will receive two gate cards, and Residents will have the option to purchase up to 10 additional gate cards for $25 each. You will also need to purchase stickers for your vehicles, golf carts, and boats with the proper documentation shown in that section.  All names must […]

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