Updated Raintree Rules Manual

Raintree Owners,

The 2023 revision of the Raintree Rules Manual is  available on the POA Website.  The revisions were approved over the past several Board Meetings and went into effect July 3rd.  Below is the link to the updated Rules Manual.

Raintree Rules Manual

Per Raintree’s Bylaws and Covenants all owners, their resident family members, and invited guests are required to know and follow the Raintree Rules.

The primary changes you will see are many first violations have been changed to notification by Certified Mail with a reduced censure to $25, mainly to cover the costs.  These are for violations that are not safety, security, or vandalism related.  The secondary changes you will see are some  censures have increased for safety, security, and vandalism related violations.  Please Note: ACC and Fishing were not amended in this update.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Rules Manual and the changes.  Remember it is not the POA’s intent to censure any owner; the rules simply need to and must be followed.  Avoiding a censure is easy…know the rules and follow them!

We want to give a huge thank you to the Rules Committee led by Chair Desiree Rodriguez for their work as volunteers to  make Raintree better!  Also, a shout out to Wendi, POA Office Manager and our web administrator for their support in this project.

Updated Raintree Rules Manual
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