A Tip for the Guest Gate

Please make sure you are ready for your guests to arrive, by answering your phone.   This will avoid the backup of cars at the guest gate.

Several times this weekend owner’s guests arrived and the guest gate call went to the owner’s voicemail.  This backed up the entry gate and Plantation Drive.

If your guests arrive early please have them wait in the POA  Parking Lot until you can let them in the gate.  

As a reminder, do not let anyone past the gates that you do not personally know.  When you allow another vehicle in the gates with your card…you are then responsible for any issues they may cause.   The correct way to handle a vehicle at the gate without access is to have them back up and go to the POA Parking Lot to contact the owner they are here to see.

Thank you for your cooperation!


A Tip for the Guest Gate
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