Stickers and Hang Tags On-Line Via Revver!

Please review the document to find out more about using Revver to fill out certain Property Owner forms

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New Feature for Owners – Stickers and Hang Tags On-Line Via Revver!
Last year Revver was purchased in the pursuit to modernize the POA’s paper and manual filing practices. 

Earlier in 2024 we went live with the internal Accounts Payable workflow and electronic filing of invoices.

Workflows are a feature of Revver which allow for electronic movement of requests and storage.  Paper free!  Save a Tree!

With Sticker season upon us we are pleased to announce Stickers and Hang Tags On-Line Via Revver! for ordering your stickers and uploading your supporting documents. 

Once you submit your form and supporting documents the POA Office team will process your request and email you when your stickers are ready for pick-up or if you are missing anything.  When you stop in to pickup your stickers you can pay with a check or credit card.  Owners may still complete the process in the office if they choose.

This is phase one, at a future date we will be launching a store front that will include a payment option as well!

This link will take you to a document which will guide you through the process.  The Order Forms are accessible from the POA Website under Owner then Forms.

Remember all new stickers and tags are due April 1st.  This year the color is Green.

Stickers and Hang Tags On-Line Via Revver!
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