EPA Begins Final Remediation of Raintree Soil

We have been notified by the EPA that they are beginning the remediation of the final homesites in Raintree where soil testing results exceed the tolerance level. They halted the work early last year due to COVID, but they are coming back to finish the project. They will be digging out lawns and flowerbeds of those residences and replacing the soil, as we have witnessed/experienced for several years.  This represents the last phase of the EPA work in Raintree and is expected to last most of the remaining months of 2021.

Be on the lookout for frequent large trucks and equipment on our roads as they haul soil in and out of Raintree. 

This is entirely an EPA process, so if you have questions about your property, call them.  The POA office does have a list of the properties scheduled for remediation in the next few months if you aren’t sure.


EPA Begins Final Remediation of Raintree Soil
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