Secure Your Dog!

Avoid Lawsuits and Medical Bills.  Secure Your Dog!

Residents are complaining of dogs running out at them when they walk their leashed pets around Raintree.  Jefferson County laws apply to pets in Raintree, and your dog MUST be controlled on a leash or behind a fence that contains him.  

It is terrifying to walkers when barking dogs rush out and jump at them and their leashed pet.  It isn’t fair to have to risk injury to yourself or your pet just to go out for a walk.  

If you as a walker are attacked, call the police and report the location, description of the uncontrolled pet, and the owner, if known.  

If your pet is loose, alert the neighborhood and do what is necessary to get it back under control.  We all love pets, but we all have a right to enjoy walking safely.

Thank you.

Secure Your Dog!
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