Excerpt from June HOA Gazette

Hello, Raintree.

Most of us love the transition to warm weather, blooming flowers, and summer activities. Now, watch this transition…

I got my POA Assessment Invoice in the mail. Fortunately for me, I directed monthly payments from my checking account, which was super easy to do, and I don’t owe anything more for my current year assessments. I would gladly help you set up your bank to manage that for you.

As you know, POA Assessments are due by July 1st in order to avoid annoying things like loss of beach rights, disabling of guest access through the back gate kiosk or extra gate cards, disqualification to vote in the Annual Election, and so on. You can pay your amount due in person with a check, credit card (fee applies), or cash. If you pay cash, please bring the exact amount due. The office does not keep a pot of money to be able to provide change. You can also mail or drop off a check in the back mail slot or call the office to arrange payment by credit card.

Enclosed with the Assessment Invoice is an insert with facts about the September Annual Election, and also asking you for some information that will help with strategic planning. Please return the bottom portion of the page after you prioritize a list of potential amenities. You can add something not listed, if you’d like. We also are asking for some high-level census information just to help us determine potential usage for different amenities. None of this means we are immediately diverting money from essentials to “nice-to-haves” but we are trying to plan ahead for the benefit of the entire community.

Enjoy the beauty and fun of our Raintree summer!
Deb Enderson, POA Communications Chair


Excerpt from June HOA Gazette
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