2022 Election Results

Election Results

Board Member Results:
3-Year Term – 168 Votes – Tim Fulkerson
3-Year Term – 151 Votes – Nicholas King
3-Year Term – 143 Votes – John Willett
2-Year Term – 142 Vptes – Keith Bohnenkamper
1-Year Term – 120 Votes – Desiree Rodriguez

Ballot Item Results:
Ballot Item #1 – Add to Covenants 1H:
The use of bladders, ballasts, bags, or any device used for the purpose of increasing weight, enhancing wake, or creating additional wake, whether permanent or temporary, by any boat is strictly prohibited.  Boaters must minimize “plowing” (maintaining speed between idle and plane which creates the largest wake.)
   Yes Votes – 183   No Votes – 56

2 – Cancelled before the election

Covenants Ballot Item #3 
3f: The amount billed each year shall be rounded to the nearest dollar for each Property Owner invoice.  
    Yes Votes – 160   No Votes – 80

Covenants Ballot Item #4
Special $50 Assessment for Adding and Maintaining Amenities
   Yes Votes – 80   No Votes – 160

By-Laws Ballot Item #5:
Article III, Section 7:
Increase voting opportunity by adding 3 hours on one pre-voting weekday and also on the day before the election
    Yes Votes – 199   No Votes – 40

By-Laws Ballot Item #6:
Article IV, Section 8: – Limit voting Board members in Committees to Chair and Co-Chair and limit votes to one for same-household Committee members
    Yes Votes – 172   No Votes – 59

By-Laws Ballot Item #7:
Article X, Parliamentary Authority
Compliance with Roberts Rules of Order Revised is suggested in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with those By-Laws or the Statutes of the State of Missouri.  The Board of Directors shall have access to an electronic or hard copy of Raintree Plantation Property Owners Association By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions, as amended, Rules Manual, and Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.
    Yes Votes – 142   No Votes – 88

Board Members for 2022-23:
Dave Wooldridge – President
Nicholas King – Vice-President
Deb Enderson – Treasurer
John Willett -Secretary
Keith Bohnenkamper
Adam Crites
Tim Fulkerson
Desiree Rodriguez
Dennis Schwantner

Thank you to all Property Owners who voted.


2022 Election Results
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