Let the Road Be Fixed

As forewarned, the road crew is trying to do the much-needed concrete repair on Plantation Drive.  Due to the heavy continuous traffic, they are questioning if they will even be able to do the work. 

The front gate to Column Drive has been opened.  Please enter Raintree THROUGH COLUMN DR to get to and from your Raintree destination today and for the next week so Plantation can be repaired.  If traffic continues at this rate, the roadwork will not get done.

This road crew has done our road work for several years and keeps very busy with other communities and work for the county.  Drivers are being obnoxiously rude to the workers.  It reflects terribly on our community.  If you observe any driver interfering or being verbally or physically rude to the road crew, please report them to the office.  This type of behavior will not be tolerated and should be an embarrassment to every one of us.


Let the Road Be Fixed
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