POA assessment bills are mailed in May and are due July 1.  Amounts are determined by the Covenants Section 3F and can be changed only by vote of Property Owners.  They are based on the property you own, as follows:

Residence on single lot      $383.25

Residence in Raintree Forest     $498.75

Vacant Lot – $215.25

Vacant Lot – Raintree Forest         $315.00

Each Adjacent Lot merged with first lot through Jefferson County       (reduction of 47%)

Assessments must be current to purchase auto, boat, or golf cart stickers.  Delinquent assessments are sent to Collection and are subject to penalties and interest.  Additional gate cards and the visitor access system are turned off an August 1 for delinquent assessments.

You can pay your upcoming year’s assessments monthly (or quarterly) by setting up a payment to Raintree POA on your bank’s bill paying functionality.  Divide your annual assessment across the number of payments you set up, and a check will automatically be issued from your account and sent to the POA office.  There is no convenience charge, and the benefit to you is a monthly budget that pays off your upcoming year payment due.  (Example, pay July 2021 through June 2022 for the annual payment due July 1, 2022.) Call the office if you have questions, although you will need to manage setting up the payment yourself with your bank.

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