Urgent Security Update and Request for Assistance!

Raintree Property Owners, last night approximately 20 mailboxes were destroyed in Raintree.  This is on top of a few last week and some vandalism to Raintree Property.

So far from video evidence supplied to us, a truck that was involved last night has been identified as belonging to a property owner and this criminal activity was done by teenagers.  This information has been provided to the Jefferson County Sheriff Department.  NOTE, it is a Federal offense to tamper with or destroy a US Mailbox.

As neighbors, we are asking you to review your home security cameras and share with the POA Office or the Sheriff Department any information you have on this incident.

The POA Board strongly suggests you talk with your teenage children who were out last night about this incident and get ahead of the issue if they were involved.  In addition, with summer break from school soon upon us, reiterate that vandalism with in Raintree will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

Urgent Security Update and Request for Assistance!
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