Beach Parking Rules Raintree Security

Does living in Raintree give you the right to park at the Autumn Lake Beach?  The Security Policy clearly spells out who can park at the beach, who can park along the pavilion and hill, and who cannot park at either place.  A current $2 Raintree vehicle sticker clearly marks you to be a property owner.  Without it, you are subject to scrutiny and towing (at your expense.)

There has been considerable vandalism in Raintree, including multiple cases each week of gates being knocked down and porta potties being toppled.  We have to assume that someone who trespasses is potentially one of those vandalizing.  Very dangerous “tricks” have been discovered that can only be meant to seriously harm others.

Security is being addressed, and violators can expect to be censured, towed, and prosecuted, if merited.  

The beach is an amenity for all Property Owners to enjoy as long as the rules are followed.  Rules are made to preserve the beach and provide for the safety and enjoyment of all beach goers. 

Here is a very high-level summary of requirements for parking at the pavilion/beach.Beach parking lot – must have current Raintree sticker adhered to windshieldPavilion or hill-side parking – Raintree sticker, Guest pass in windshield, or mirror parking tagBelow are links to the POA website where you can take a few minutes to review before you go or invite friends to enjoy our beach.
Raintree-POA-Security-Policy-as-of-12-23-2019-posted-on-website-2.pdf (
2022-RULES-MANUAL2.pdf (
Here are pictures of the pages for your reference.  Yes, it’s a lot of boring information.  Being familiar with it can prevent you and your family from an unpleasant situation.

Thank you.

Beach Parking Rules Raintree Security
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