Road Conditions Update

After hours of rain, hours of sleet, and then many hours of snow, Raintree’s road conditions are difficult.  Our road crew has been working 12-hour shifts.  Unfortunately, one of the maintenance trucks is in a ditch until we can get a tow truck here.  The crew is sleeping on air mattresses at the POA building to continue to be available.

The ice has been quite an obstacle.  We know few roads are good, and not all 39 miles have been plowed yet.  Tomorrow’s forecast is mostly sunny, which will help a lot with getting the snow off the ice and the ice off the street.

They are working hard. Please be patient and accept that Mother Nature currently has the upper hand.

Please don’t take chances by overexerting or putting yourself in a risky position.  It’s only one more day until the weekend.

Thank you.

Road Conditions Update
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