POA Assessment Invoices Have Been Mailed!

Raintree Property Owners,

On Friday, May 26th the assessment invoices were mailed.

The invoice was mailed from our vendor City and Village Tax Office.  They will be tracking the payments received.

Here are a few points regarding your invoice.

  • Remember per the Covenants there is a 5% increase over last year.  The increase was voted in by Raintree owners in 2021.
  • Your payment is due by July 1, 2023.
  • If your payment is late expect your Raintree privileges (like purchased gate cards) to be  suspended.  
  • If you made pre-payments or are due a credit, your invoice will reflect the balance due.
  • If your prepayments or credit paid your assessment in full, you will not receive an invoice.
  • Your payment options are included on your invoice.
  • If you believe your invoice is incorrect because you have bought, sold, or combined property, please contact the POA Office.
  • *Please send your payment with your account number (found on your invoice) to City and Village.  Any payments sent to the POA will be forwarded to City and Village.  Cash payments will not be accepted by the POA Office.

If you would like to start making periodic payments for next year’s assessment, use the same address and account number from your invoice for those advance payments.  

If you have any questions please email Communications@raintreepoa.net.

POA Assessment Invoices Have Been Mailed!
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