Lakes & Beaches

Fishing Rules

Local and State law enforcement personnel have jurisdiction over Raintree’s lakes and may cite violators. All Missouri State fishing rules/laws apply to Raintree Lakes. Please request a Missouri Rule book when getting your fishing license.

In addition to State rules, the following rules are also noted in Addendum III. (Approved January 18th, 2009)

a. Only pole fishing is allowed. No trot lines, jug lines, snagging, etc.
b. Largemouth bass: Limit is five (5). Fish must be under 12 inches or over 18 inches in length.
c. Crappie: Limit is six (6) and must be at least 9 inches in length.
d. Catfish: Limit is five (5) of any size.
e. Blue Gill: Limit is thirty (30) of any size.
f. Walleye: Limit is four (4) and must be at least 15 inches in length.
g. Green Sunfish: Recommended that green sunfish be kept and disposed of. DO NOT throw them back into the lake.
h. No outside fish/wildlife may be stocked or placed in any Raintree lake without written consent of the Lakes and Beach Committee.
i. Placing foreign objects in the lakes of Raintree is prohibited, unless approved in writing by the Lakes and Beach Committee.
j. Vessels must remain outside the beach area buoys and ropes and may not tie up to the buoys or ropes.
k. Boat ramp areas are for launching and removing of vessels only.