Beach Parking Reminder!

With Memorial Day Week-end upon us, this is a reminder on Beach Parking.

First, all vehicles, golf carts, boats and trailers must have the PURPLE sticker or hang tags.  

Second, the forecast is for great weather so we expect the beach to be busy.  As such, HRW Towing will be on-site over the week-end.

Third, ALL ORANGE stickers and tags are no longer valid!  Parking at the beach lots and boat ramp with an ORANGE sticker or hang tag or no sticker or hang tag will get your vehicle booted or towed!!!

Parking on the beach side of Vista Drive, including the Hill, are owner only parking. Your vehicle must have a purple vehicle sticker fully affixed to the lower drivers side windshield to park in these spots.  Hang tags and Day Parking Passes do not provide the right to park on the beach side of Vista Drive,  which is reserved for owner vehicles with a purple sticker.

Hang Tags and Day Parking Passes are valid for parking on the Pavilion and Campground side of Vista Drive.   Please do not park in the spaces to the left of the Pavillion if it is rented.  Owners please make sure your guests know where to park.  


The boat ramp parking is for vehicles and trailers where the boat was launched in the lake.  The vehicle must have a sticker or hang tag.  The trailer must also have the sticker.   Day Parking Passes are not allowed in this lot.

These items have been communicated many times since February.  Please do not spoil your Holiday Week-end with a boot or tow!

Have a great Holiday Week-end!!!

1. Owner only parking – vehicle sticker required
2. Vehicle stickers, annual hang tag, daily guest passes

Beach Parking Reminder!
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