Road Work Starting

Road Work Starting

List of Road Work Starting Friday, 5/7

Following is a list of the roads that will be worked on by our contractor, West Paving.  We have been alerted that they will begin the work this Friday, but we don’t know what order or timing will apply to each.

Most of these areas were reported by Property Owners.  Timing of the work is tied to expected receipt of EPA funding to pay for a significant portion of it.

Greenwood Dr from Dew Drop to Old Hickory
Greenwood Dr from Greenwood to Southern Belle
Butternut Dr. from 9756 to Plum Lane
Forest Dr at 9753
Katy’s Way and Lake Ridge
Waterford and Redwood Bridges
Duffer Lane at bottom of hill, asphalt edging
Sassafras and Forest Way
Pin Oak Dr and Elm
Atlanta Dr near Sumter Dr
Column Dr at Vicksburg Dr
Confederate between Tullhoma and Grant Court
Lake Hill Dr from northern loop to dam area
Dew Drop Ln from Greenwood Dr to end
Dawn View Ct
Confederate Dr from 115 to Grant
Easy St from  Vista to 9420
Easy St – repair speed bump and add 2 more

Please be alert for road work and for others driving around road work.  Obviously, this shouldn’t need to be said, but based on a Facebook posting I just read, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH ANYONE’S YARD TO AVOID THE ROAD WORK.

Thank you.


There is one change to the list, which is Duffer. We have been notified by the Sewer District that they have work scheduled for that area in the near future, so our road work will be delayed.
If you know your street has been selected for road work and you see a neighbor’s vehicle on the street this week, please let them know so your repair can be completed as planned.
Road Work Starting


May 07 2021


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