Yard Sale Salute!

After months of planning, the 2021 Annual Raintree Yard Sale is now history.  Hopefully, you were pleased with both your sales and your purchases.

Forty-five homes paid a donation to the food pantry and to be put on the map, and we thank you for your participation.  All the shoppers commented on how much fun they were having, and I saw many children carry out their treasure with excited smiles.

A huge much-deserved thank you to Nancy Gau, a member of our Raintree POA Events Committee, who planned and managed the whole event.  Having traffic management in the lower POA parking lot before 7 am and giving written and verbal suggestion that shoppers start with sales at the side and back gates successfully regulated the stream of traffic around Vista and hopefully steered customers more evenly across Raintree.  Thank you, Nancy!!! 

This is another event where volunteers who raise their hands to put up signs, managed traffic, and handed out maps are critical to the success, and we appreciate everyone who helped!!. 


Yard Sale Salute!
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