Water and Halloween Updates

Water issue of October 18th 

Update from Jeffco Public Services, the water issue has been fixed and  a Boil Advisory was  NOT issued.

Halloween in Raintree

Halloween is a little less than two weeks away, and there are always questions about how it is celebrated in Raintree.
• Trick or Treating will take place on the holiday, October 31st,  from 5 – 10pm, and not any other day,
•Trick or Treating takes place on East and West Vista Drive only.  If you live on Vista, prepare for at least 200 trick or treaters.  Many Vista residents have “garage parties” so their off-Vista friends can give out treats with them.
•You can start the circle of Vista from any access street.  Let’s spread out the crowd as much as possible.
•For the safety of the children, Vista will be one-way traffic on Halloween evening, Counter-clockwise only, Boat Ramp towards Beach is the direction.  There will be signs put up by volunteers, please email RVN@raintreepoa.net if you can help. 
THIS IS YOUR NOTICE that you should plan your travel route to go Counter-clockwise on Vista beginning 5pm Monday evening, October 31st.  Plan your drive home from work accordingly! 
•Drop off trick or treaters on left side of Vista, the lakeside.
•There will be a Trunk or Treat at the Autumn Lake boat ramp parking lot.  Bring your golf cart or car, no side by sides, and your candy, and feel free to decorate.  Parents driving or trailing trick or treaters, please do not block Vista while your little ones are collecting from the Trunk or Treat.  Please pull to the side of the parking lot to allow traffic to proceed.  No business advertising or handouts are permitted at Trunk or Treat due to the no solicitation policy of Raintree.  In addition, no distribution of alcohol is permitted on Raintree Common Grounds.
•Similarly, if you live or are visiting on Vista, please do not park on the street from 5 to 10pm.  There will be hundreds of walkers.  Let’s keep everyone’s vision of the road clear.  Always keep the right lane, away from the lake, moving and open to traffic and for emergency use.
•Raintree gates DO NOT open for Halloween.  Your kids and grandkids are welcome, but this is a Raintree celebration.

Hopefully, this information helps us all enjoy an awesome Halloween.  


Water and Halloween Updates
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