POA Events

Last year, Raintree Events and Adventures, a community group of volunteers, began hosting events for Raintree Owners to enjoy and create lasting bonds.  The events had incredible turnouts and were executed in a manner that resulted in rave reviews.

In the past the POA has hosted or co-hosted events such as the Volunteer Parade, Raintree Garage Sale, July 4th Golf Cart Parade, and Halloween.   For 2023, these POA events will be hosted by Raintree Events and Adventures!  All Raintree Events and Adventures are shared with the POA Board in advance and will continue to be communicated to Owners through POA Communications.   Raintree Events and Adventures has been and will be transparent with any event that has a participation fee.

As with any transition, you will see changes from past experiences.  We are all confident these will be positive changes for the Raintree Community.  If you have volunteered to assist with these events in the past, your continued participation is very welcome.  If you have any questions, please email communications@raintreepoa.net.

If you have not joined the Raintree Events and Adventures Facebook Group, we encourage you to join.

We look forward to your participation in the awesome events planned for Raintree and appreciate your cooperation!


POA Events
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