Join Raintree’s 4th of July Celebrations!

Celebrate our Country’s Independence!  We have a Golf Cart Parade at 2 pm, a Boat Parade at 5 pm, and No Wake all day July 4.

Let’s all share in the fun!  The Golf Cart Parade will circle Autumn and Spring Lakes this year, starting at 2 pm from Autumn Lake Dam.  Decorations will be amazing and too fun to miss!  Let’s get everyone involved – we are going for at least 40 carts this year!

See the parade route and approximate times below so you can be ready to come out and cheer.  Like Uncle Sam says, “We Want You!”

The Parade will leave from the dam, then head up Swanee to Bent Tree, Deerfield, Lake Hill, Waterford, Lake Ridge, Katy’s Way, then Easy Street back to Bluebird and the rest of Vista.
Join Raintree’s 4th of July Celebrations!
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