Golf Cart Committee


Denny Schwantner, Chairperson
OPEN, Co-Chairperson


Keith Bohnenkamper
Frank Calcaterra
Kent Campbell
Steve Haller
Joe Hettel

Steve Ponzar
Tom Schlotte
Frank Sophie 
Bob Suedkamp
Jim Wallis

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage Golf Cart inspections and issuance of annual stickers.
  • Oversee organization of Golf Cart records.

The Golf Cart Committee is responsible for inspection of golf carts when owners request a sticker for registration and use in Raintree.

The requirements to obtain annual registration for a golf cart are as follows: a current liability insurance policy in the name of the property owner, the property owner must be in good standing with no open balance, the annual fee of $20, and adherence to the Golf Cart Agreement. 
Currently annual registration of renewal golf carts open January 1 and close with a deadline of March 1. Registration of a new golf cart is available by appointment.  Email
Dates, deadlines, fees, and late-fees are currently under review and will be updated as soon as possible. 

Golf Cart Committee meetings are announced as needed.

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