Annual Election Results

The 270 ballots were counted this afternoon after voting closed.  As we explained beforehand, our accountant brought the key to open the ballot box, and Pastor Patterson oversaw the reading of the ballots.  Four volunteers tallied the votes as our office manager read them aloud.  

The results were as follows:
Dennis Schwantner (207 votes), Dave Wooldridge (193), and David Getty (192) got three-year Board terms. 
Deb Enderson (188) got a two-year term.

Ballot Item #1 – Schedule Assessment Increases to Bring Income More Comparable to Expenses PASSED.  
Yes Votes – 153   No – 117

Ballot Item #2 – Allow Sheds to Be Built within Placement, Size, and Appearance Limitations, and with ACC Oversight PASSED.
Yes Votes – 173   No – 97

Board Members for 2021-2022 are:
David Wooldridge, President
Dennis Schwantner, Vice-President
Barbara Murrill, Treasurer
Deb Enderson, Secretary
Adam Crites
David Getty
Tammy Ponzar
Christopher Waller
Al Wideman

Thank you to all who voted.  Many thanks also to our many volunteers who managed the Polls and to the counters today who tallied the votes.

Annual Election Results
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