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Beach Parking Rules Raintree Security

Does living in Raintree give you the right to park at the Autumn Lake Beach?  The Security Policy clearly spells out who can park at the beach, who can park along the pavilion and hill, and who cannot park at either place.  A current $2 Raintree vehicle sticker clearly marks you to be a property owner.  Without […]

Country Club Settlement & Membership

As we shared with you three weeks ago, the Appellate Court judges approved and supported the Settlement Agreement approved by Judge Fargras over a year ago. Any questions about membership details and dues can be found in the Settlement Agreement posted on the website ( ) or by contacting the Country Club. Thank you.

Guest Access Kiosk Unavailable

The Guest Access Kiosk is temporarily not working.  You will need to go to the gate to admit your guest, delivery, etc. The part needed has not arrived, and until it does, the kiosk isn’t working. There is no problem with the gates themselves, and gate cards will work as usual. Thank you.

Secure Your Dog!

Avoid Lawsuits and Medical Bills.  Secure Your Dog! Residents are complaining of dogs running out at them when they walk their leashed pets around Raintree.  Jefferson County laws apply to pets in Raintree, and your dog MUST be controlled on a leash or behind a fence that contains him.   It is terrifying to walkers when barking dogs […]

Excerpt from June HOA Gazette

Hello, Raintree. Most of us love the transition to warm weather, blooming flowers, and summer activities. Now, watch this transition… I got my POA Assessment Invoice in the mail. Fortunately for me, I directed monthly payments from my checking account, which was super easy to do, and I don’t owe anything more for my current […]

Yard Sale Registration Reminder

Today is the last day to register with the POA for your Yard Sale. The $10 cost gets your sale on the map that will be handed out at the gate to hundreds of bargain seekers. Take your $10 in cash or check to the POA office today. Thank you.

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