Regarding Country Club Dues

Informational Letter to Raintree Property Owners

Regarding Country Club Dues


From: POA Board of Directors

Again the country club dues has increased dramatically for Sections 20-25. These sections are absorbing an approximate 400% increase in the last 2 years.

Since the December special election failure, which asked for an assessment increase for all property owners, the POA Board of Directors has attempted, on 2 occasions, to resolve the issue of Sec. 4c of the covenants with the owner of the country club. The initial discussion and a separate written proposal have both been rejected by the owner of the country club.

Mr. Tucker is asking for an annual payment of $380,000.00 from the POA. If we would like to have the restaurant open also, then Mr. Tucker would need $500,000.00.  This agreement would not eliminate 4c from the covenants, only suspend 4c mandated financial responsibility from Sections 20-25 for the duration of the contract. 

The POA is not able to agree to the $380,000.00 since this would be over 50% of what is collected in current annual assessments. The Plantation would not be able to function under such a constraint. The POA is adamant that the 4c mandate be eliminated for all sections in Raintree Plantation as part of any contract with the country club.

The POA board will remain open to any discussion or resolution to this problem to assist the property owners in Sections 20-25 who are becoming significantly burdened by the country club dues.