New Owners

Q: How much are annual POA dues?  When are they due?

Residence – Home     $365.00

Residence – Home in Raintree Forest     $475.00

Vacant Lot – $205.00

Vacant Lot – Raintree Forest         $300.00

1 Adjacent Lot with boundary line adjustment       -95.00

Dues are officially due July 1 of every year.

Q: I am a new property/home owner what do I need to do?

Bring following documents to POA office:

  • Closing Documents or Recorded Deed
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Automobile Insurance card

Please note the office is not aware of any property changes unless notified by the previous or new owners.

Gate Cards and Gate Codes

Card Lost: Notify POA office immediately. Bring $10 to POA office for replacement.

Card Broken/Not Working: Bring card to POA office to trade for replacement.

Q: I am having a party or expecting a delivery and do not feel comfortable giving out my family code what do I do?

You can get a temporary gate code by contacting the office.

Q: Can I change my family code?

Yes, anytime you feel necessary. Call office, your old code will be deleted and you will receive a new code right away.


Q: New windshield in existing car in need of new auto sticker?

Please inform the office of the change a new sticker will be given free of charge.

Q: New car, how can I get a new car sticker?

Please bring in the insurance card to receive a new car sticker.

Q: What do I need to bring in to get my Boat sticker?

The title, current registration, and proof of marine liability insurance. Boat stickers are currently $40 each.

Q: What do I need to bring in to get my Golf Cart sticker?

Proof of insurance. No charge for golf cart stickers.


Using this website, check the Campground calendar, or contact the office for availability.

Q: What do I need to rent the Campground? MUST NOT HAVE A BALANCE DUE WITH POA.

Once you find the spot you would like please fill out the Campground Agreement form and send with campground fee to POA office.

Q: What are Campground fees?

The Campground is $15 a night for a tent or $25 a night for a RV. There is also a $25 deposit for the Bath House key.

Q: Where do I return the bath house key?

Please return the key to the office in the drop box downstairs. After the key is returned you will receive your deposit back.


Using this website, check the Pavilion calendar, or contact the office for availability before submitting a form.

Q: What do I need to rent the Pavilion? MUST NOT HAVE A BALANCE DUE WITH POA.

Pavilion Agreement form signed. Submit form with $50 rental fee and a separate $75 refundable check to office.

Q: Can I use confetti when I rent the pavilion?

CONFETTI IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED and if used will result in forfeit of your $75 deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS


Q: I need to drop something off at the office, but the office is closed where can I leave it?

There is a drop box located behind the office. The drop box is caged to ensure no papers get lost.